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I am a former student of a school of applied arts and visual communication.

I have a style that can be described as “Afropean” in tune with its time.

My creations stroll in turn in the urban universe, Africa with its mosaics of shapes rich in colors but also in illustration, graphics and artistic direction.

I offer you a unique and exclusive selection of creations, wall decorations,

art prints, posters and goodies.


Born in Senegal in 1986, of Senegalese parents, I arrived in France at the age of 2.

I had a childhood and a schooling of the most classic.

However, as a child, I was already very interested in the visual arts.

I spent a good part of my days drawing.

So I can say that my artistic journey began at a young age.

The art that I practice today is therefore only a natural evolution of that practiced

by the child then the teenager that I was.

Logically, I therefore joined a school of applied arts (specializing in visual communication)

where I was able to learn and perfect new techniques.

Very early on, I was looking for a style that matched my sensitivity, my state of mind,

in my way of perceiving and apprehending the world ...

I wanted to express all the emotions buried in me that constitute the very essence of who I am.

This sensitivity allowed me to develop a style that is unique to me today.

I draw my inspiration from my African culture

and more precisely among Ndebeles women (in South Africa,

who decorate their homes with very colorful graphic shapes),

at Picasso (by rearranging, breaking down what I paint according to what I see), finally,

in Egyptian art as well as in Impressionism.

All these influences mix, jostle, interpenetrate in me and “explode” in my works.

Why do I offer my creations?

Support artistic work, acquire works of art,

it is to encourage and support an artist,

share through his creations his passion ...

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